Orlando Property Management company takes over the rental market with Revolutionary LOW rates

At Mila Realty, we have a simple mission: Assist homeowners to become more efficient. Since we are real estate investors like yourself, we know the value of time. Sometimes, we all need time to be with the family, time for travel, time to relax or just that time when one can enjoy own company. Indeed, property management is not an easy task and may steal time. However, paying high management fees and other unreasonable expenses caused by mismanagement may leave no other choice. Often, homeowners continue “managing” their properties just because they believe that hiring a manager eventually will lead their rental business to loosing.

Our solution

We are pleased to inform that our expertise, knowledge and passion enabled us to develop one effective management solution, which fits every homeowner’s and real estate investor’s needs. Today, we offer variety of property management packages, which respond to the availability, skills, and expectations of the homeowners.

The packages

With Mila Realty property management solutions, hiring a property manager has never made so much sense. Owners, who like to stay active with their real estate investment business, will enjoy revolutionary savings.

4% - Silver

While 4% Property management fee seems to be unrealistic, we made it real and available for you.

8% - Gold

Our 8% management package is affordable turn key package.

10% - Platinum

And if you like even more, with our Platinum package, at the 10% management fee, you will want to forget about the risks existence.

No hidden fees ever, only trust and effective communication should be expected after engaging with Mila Realty.​

Select your property management package today and start doing what truly makes you happy!​