Important property management features
Lately we were asked to discuss the property management features of our services. Rent collection, complete accounting, and lease administration are just few services that we provide, but they certainty require special attention.
Property manager with the homeowners
  1. Rent collection

Rent collection cannot be easier. With superb property management technology in use we cut payment processing time up to 70 percent! Our Online property management portal allow tenants to authorize their bank accounts or credit card and then set up a recurring payment schedule. We post rent expense 5 days before it is due. Once the rent is paid, tenants receive a payment confirmation. Owners will see online who and when paid rent and how much was paid. Since we do not for a security deposit, we disburse the rent when the rental month is closed. It takes 2 business days for our merchant services provider to deposit homeowner’s funds into his/her bank account. 

2. Complete Accounting

Our property management accounting software makes bookkeeping complete and accurate. Now you can track every charge, payment, deposit, and refund. Can you only imagine that we are capable to generate more than 50 financial reports. This includes balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, among others. Now you can finally save some time to your accountant. Most importantly, that all these services and more are included in 7% management fee. No one is better than us. Guaranteed!

3. Lease Administration
These feature starts with renters insurance. We have to enforce a tenant liability insurance requirement across our  properties with Renters Insurance Plus. This Lease Insurance Program is fully integrated with our property management software, so it makes enrollment easy for tenants. Renter insurance provides $100,000 in liability insurance and $10,000 in personal property. When it’s time to renew the lease, we will do it for FREE if tenants stay. In general, our tenants stay for 3 years. When tenants move, we finalize our relationships with conduction a move- out inspection and getting property ready for its new tenants.
We are always here ready to discuss with the home owners any property management topic. Visit out detailed property management page or call 407-494-6018.

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