One of our rental property owners was upset when we asked him to complete w-9 form. Then he said that he does not have the U.S. Tax ID. Many foreign real estate investors often face the same problem. Likely, this is rather a formal procedure than a problem. What foreign property owner needs to do is to apply for ITIN or TAX ID. Without TAX ID, rental property management project may not succeed.

Rental property management company Mila Realty offers its nonresident homeowners a simple and convenient application process. We hire a licensed and approved by Internal Revenue Services (IRS) tax agent. A tax agent completes an application and emails to the homeowner for a signature. Property owner needs to return signed application by email. Since tax agent is in Kissimmee, Florida, and homeowner often is outside of the U.S., a brief Skype conference will be scheduled to verify rental property owner’s identity. Property manager creates a letter to IRS asking to assign an ITIN number to the homeowner. The main purpose of having a tax Id is to report a renting income that rental property may generate. Therefore, Tax ID is a must for every foreign investor.

Rental Property Management

Why Tax ID is important when filing income from rental property

Rental Property Management Company is liable for rental income. IRS said that real property manager who collects rent on behalf of a foreign owner of real property is considered a withholding agent and is personally and primarily liable for any tax that must be withheld. This is why property manager needs to make sure that foreign homeowner obtains Tax ID. At the end of the year property management company will provide 1099 form, which will report all the income that rental property produced. Property managers who do not comply with these rules are liable, either individually or through their company, for 30 percent of gross rents, plus penalties and interest. It takes some time IRS to review the application and assign a Tax ID number. While application is pending, property manager may need to withhold 30 percent from the homeowner’s rental income.

When foreign homeowners receive 1099 form, they need to file a tax return. Normally, homeowners hire tax agents. Rental Property manager will advise homeowner about local experts. Per IRS, in the U.S., a rental income is always taxable regardless of the foreign investor’s status and regardless of whether the U.S. has an income treaty with the foreign investor’s home country. A nonresident homeowner who fails to submit a timely filed income tax return loses the ability to claim deductions against the rental income. As a result, the gross rents will be subject to the 30 percent tax, penalties, and more liability. To learn more about how Mila Realty property managers assist their investors and homeowners, contact us today by phone 407-494-6018 or

For details visit Note that this article does not provide any legal advises to its readers.

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Mila Realty Commercial Property Management Orlando is team of experienced property managers. Locally owned and operated. Our expertise enables us to ensure that your real estate investments yield the highest occupancy, highest rental rates, lowest maintenance expenses. Most importantly, highest rate of return possible. We specialize in leasing and management of commercial properties such us retail, retail, office, and warehouses, storages, and industries spaces. We cover Orange, Osceola, Polk, and Seminole counties as well as the cities Orlando, Kissimmee, and Davenport. Do not seek any longer, contact today for a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), free estimate, and any commercial real estate questions.

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Mila Realty Commercial Property Managers Really Can Help to:

Mila Realty Commercial Property Management Orlando service fee includes:

  • Collecting rent
  • Notifying tenants when they are late
  • Assessing and collecting late fees
  • Coordinating evictions
  • Routine property maintenance (utilities, cleaning, lawn, pool, AC maintenance, etc)
  • Regular property inspections and move-out inspections
  • Receiving maintenance requests from tenants
  • Collecting quotes for the property improvements and repairs
  • Submitting quotes to the owners for approval
  • Representing the owners’ properties in the local government instructions such Tax Collectors and Department of Business and Regulations
  • Our advanced property management and accounting software calledBuildium Property Management Software. Some of the benefits that we are able to pass on to you:

Full Property and Tenant Accounting

Full bank, property and tenant accounting to keep property owner’s record keeping simple and accurate.

Automatic ACH Payments

Automatic ACH support to allow your tenants to make secure payments online. Recurring support included to schedule payments or setup recurring weekly or monthly payments

Tenant ScreeningTenant screening provides you the security of knowing the history of each tenant you place as well as if they have past challenges paying bills. Our reports provide real-time reliable criminal as well as financial background check service built-in.Secure Online Access for Tenant & Property owners

We provide secure online access to tenants and accept rent payments online.

Track Income & Expenses

We provide an easy to use general ledger accounting system complete with all the reports that are easy to understand by both investor and real estate accountant. Monthly and year-end financial reports will make your year-end tax filing as simple as possible

Lease your property. Mila Realty Commercial Property Management Orlando leasing fee includes:

  • Assessing market rent amount
  • Advertising the property for rent
  • Showing property to potential tenants
  • Coordination application process
  • Screening potential tenants
  • Procuring lease
  • Collecting security deposit
  • Performing move-in inspection

Mila Realty Commercial Property Management Orlando Mila Realty Commercial Property Management Orlando

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Orlando property management

property management service Orlando property management is what needed when real estate investment is discussed. Orlando and Kissimmee are popular locations for investors. And so are  professional companies in Orlando property management. Mila Realty is your full service affordable company that offers professional property management. Our services are advertising, tenant selection, maintenance coordination, and more. For every property owner or investor who chooses us we offer complete property management package. You want a strong expert to manage your valuable asset. We are here to serve you and bring you peace of mind. Your investment is safe with us. To try us is risks free because we offer free property management services.

Mila Realty Orlando property management is much more than making sure that swimming pool is clean and lawn is maintained. There are many legal aspects that require attention. For example, taxes, licensing, property compliance, and so forth. It can be complicated, but we are here to help. For example how many homeowners and investors may know that Osceola and Orange counties require Tangible Personal Property Tax Return to be filed? Very few. However, according Florida Statute 193.052 requires that all tangible personal property to be reported each year to the Property Appraisers Office. And it has a deadline. If homeowner receive a return, its because Local government office has determined that property is subject for report. Report needs to reflect all tangible property that rental property may contain. The good news is that investor may file for an exemption from the property taxes in the amount of $25,000 on assessed value for tangible personal property. This exemption applies to business tangible personal property. Homeowner is still required to file a Tangible Personal Property Tax Return to receive this exemption.

This is just one example how local Orlando property management company owned and operated by Americans can be beneficial for real estate investors. Mila Realty takes a pride in providing professional, honest, and ethical service to its clients and looks forward to assisting homeowners with Orlando & Windermere property management needs. Contact us today.

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Selling is relatively straightforward. Let’s check out the basic steps that will help you learn how to sell your house in Orlando or Kissimmee.

Real Estate agency Mila Realty services in selling your real estate property includes providing you with a CMA (comparative market analysis) to give you an idea of what similar properties have been selling for and how much we can expect to realize from a sale. We will also provide a “sellers net sheet” which breaks down the cost of selling.

If you are comfortable with what the net proceeds are likely to be then we will visit your realty in Orlando and give you additional feedback on any items we feel will help the sale or will need addressed prior to sale. Many of the properties we work with might not had their owner visit in sometime and the owner may not know of any issues with the property so it is important we address any issues that may have come prior to listing. Generally, items that come up during the sale may cost you money so it’s much better to be proactive with any issues.

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When you are planning for real estate investment, one of the most important things to consider is rental property management. Orlando and Kissimmee are popular locations for investors and professional property management companies alike. Mila Realty is your full service and affordable company for professional property management. We offer advertising, tenant selection, maintenance coordination and more for every property owner or investor who chooses to make us their property management company. You want a strong, dependable company to manage your valuable asset. We are here to serve you and bring you peace of mind knowing that your investment is safe with us.
Property Management is much more than making sure a pool is clean, the grass cut and having a bug free villa! There are many legal issues that need to be covered regarding taxes, licensing, property compliance and so forth. It can be complicated but we are here to help. We take pride in providing professional, honest and ethical service to our clients and look forward to assisting you to make this a successful business venture.

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Beautiful home with a swimming pool in Orlando


Swimming pool will definitely add value to your property.

If you buy house for your family- your kids will love it. Imagine coming home after a long day at work and being able to go for a good relaxing swim in your own private pool. Or start your new day with a quick swim. You could even use your vacation home with pool to throw a great pool party!

When you buy pool house as an investment, you will get the greatest value also. Most Orlando tourists are the families with the kids and they prefer to rent vacation homes with private pools rather than hotels. Vacation home swimming pool is quiet and safe, and your guests can enjoy their time with their kinds without having to constantly worry. Not only do children love pools, a pool can keep kids busy. In a small hotel room with nothing to do, children get bored fast. Vacation rental with pool could be ideal vacation getaway, where everyone has a joy.

A recent study published by the National Association of Realtors maintains that in-ground swimming pool installations can increase the value of homes from 8 percent to as much as 15 percent.

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Atterbury Court Home

This two story home is located on a private cul-de-sac in this prestigious Lake Nona Golf & Country Club. The Country Club is enhanced by a backdrop of the sixth fairway of Lake Nona’s 18-hole championship golf course, the three-bedroom residence offers beautiful golf and water views.

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